Alex Eulert ‘s paintings are abstract propositions of worlds where divergent forces coalesce into harmonious aesthetic interaction. He draws his inspiration from a life long fascination with man as an integral part of nature, his manipulation of it and nature’s process of reclaiming human creations with the passage of Time.

Eulert’s works reflect his interest in ancient civilizations and, at the same time, express the juxtaposition between the modern and progressive and the classical and timeless. Process oriented and expressionistically inclined, Eulert skillfully explores the confluence between geology and archeology, denoting a benevolent interplay between the natural and the man-made. Delicate and dynamic string lines of paint buzz and trickle around often-bold bands of color, evoking rhythmical compositions, emotional states and natural phenomena. The cubical forms are suggestive of monoliths, pueblos, golden-green fields, unearthed inlaid armor from a Homeric poem—or, at times, technology and urban constructs.

A native of the Southern California backcountry, Eulert developed a profound connection with the desert and the life-giving force of the stream that ran through his childhood land. The topography of the place, with its boulder outcroppings, multi-layered cliffs and rugged hilltops strongly influenced his aesthetics.

Eulert pursued his formal art education in the United Kingdom. He received a Foundation in Graphics and Illustration from Cambridge Arts and Sciences–where he was awarded the highest level of Distinction—and then moved to London to complete a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing and Metalwork at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London (formerly The London Institute). The five years in England cemented Eulert’s love of age-old structures and highlighted aspects of human contribution to and relationship with natural environments.

Back in San Diego County, Eulert was juried into several group exhibitions at various local venues, such as the San Diego Museum of the Living Artist; La Jolla Art Association; The Front Porch Gallery; Fallbrook Art Center and The Escondido Municipal Gallery. The wildfires of 2007 had a significant impact in Eulert’s life and creative process: they swept away his home and studio, and, while rebuilding his own residence, his creative focus shifted toward architecture and landscape design. His interest in man’s interaction with nature intensified as he experienced first hand the abrupt dissolution of years of creative efforts, and took an active role in reconstructing his space while adapting to nature’s demands and challenges.

Since moving to Santa Fe in 2012, Eulert has unearthed a passion for painting and has developed a unique language in acrylics and metal leaf. His works have been exhibited in California, New Mexico, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Argentina, and are part of several private and public collections. His paintings have been featured in several movies and TV series. Eulert’s background in sculpture and metal work—as well as his immersion in design—comes through in each one of his pieces, which are laden with textures and forms that draw viewers closer and allure the exploratory observer.

Gallery Representation

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